/ May 18, 2007

New! My Library in Fastcase

“What *was* that case that I was looking at the other day – the one that I was sure was on point?” Now you’ll never have to wonder – you can save favorite cases to your own personalized library on Fastcase. When you are reading a case, just click “Add to My Library,” and Fastcase will add the case to your list of favorites. You can access the list anytime by going to My Library | Go to Favorite Documents. But what if you forget to add a case to your Favorites? No problem! Go to My Library | Go to Recent Documents to see a list of the cases you’ve read most recently. Your library is secure, personal to you, and accessible only with your password, but you can access it anywhere in the world that you have access to the internet. Test drive it by logging into Fastcase here! (password required)

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