/ January 22, 2008

New Values for New Lawyer Moms

Debra Bruno of the Legal Times has documented a recent shift in the attitudes of younger women towards balancing their legal careers and motherhood. While a prior generation of women blazed the trail raising children without sacrificing billable hours, younger lawyers seem to be moving in a different direction. Erica Leathem, a new mother who left her large DC firm to escape the pressures and time constraints for a more maneagable private practice, explained:

“The older women’s thinking, she says, is that you pay some heavy dues first, and they buy you the leverage to do other things, to have a life. But Leatham — with some prodding from her husband, who saw how unhappy she was — realized she didn’t want to follow that path. ‘I thought we need to be shifting the paradigm. You don’t need to work, work, work and then have a family.'”

To read more, see the Legal Times Article.

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