/ September 8, 2008

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy your CLE Credit

This fall, the Northwestern University School of Law is offering some very tempting CLE courses for Illinois professional responsibility credit.  Now, Chicago-area lawyers can earn their credit by watching three timeless legal films and discussing them at the Northwestern campus.  There are surely worse ways to spend a Saturday!

The movies selected by Northwesten are To Kill a Mockingbird, 12 Angry Men, and Judgment at Nuremberg.  After an attorney signs up for any of the three courses, Northwestern will mail out a dvd of the film to watch at home.  During the hour long discussion, attendees will debate the “positive and negative” aspects of the practice of law.  The sessions will be moderated by Northwestern professors, including experts on international human rights, civil and criminal procedure, and advocacy.  The classes will likely hold 75 students each.
So, for all of you Illinois Bar members, these courses are definitely worth taking if you are short on your CLE credit; each provides 1.5 hours.  The one downside: popcorn is not included.
Source: The National Law Journal

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