/ July 18, 2008

What Would You Do for an Extra 500K?

As the economy continues to look somewhat less than vigorous, Americans have become more creative in their ways to save a few bucks and make a little more. Whether it’s driving cars on gasoline fumes or steeling manhole covers for scrap metal, there is no doubt that consumers have become more thrifty, just not necessarily in a good way.

This spring a Wisconsin woman went above and beyond all other “get rich quick” schemes when she planted a dead rat in her food at a well known restaurant located in Grand Chute. Believing her plan to be flawless, Debbie Miller demanded that the restaurant pay her $500,000 as restitution or she would report them to the authorities and of course, the media. Luckily for the restaurant, owners were skeptical of Miller’s claims and decided to run a few tests before coughing up the cash. The tests results returned with more than enough evidence to prove the restaurant’s innocence and land Miller in jail, including that the rat had been microwaved, a feature absent from this restaurant’s kitchen.

Several questions surround Miller’s motives for the bizarre trick, particularly considering her previously sparkling clean record. Now facing charges of extortion, she could be spending her next few years in prison not a penny richer.

Source: CNEWs.com

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